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Hello Fellow Rancho Alamitos High School 1982 Classmates!

Our 30-Year High School Reunion is Coming Saturday, October 13, 2012!

And what a GREAT Venue for us...The HOUSE OF BLUES, Anaheim!

That's Right! THE House of Blues in Downtown Disney! It will be an evening of great food and fun in a cocktail party atmosphere. What better opportunity to share news and life's 'happenings' with your friends and buddies from days gone by. Pack your mobile phones and tablets with photos and videos to share. We need you with us October 13!

What a Great Venue, Right? But Wait! There's More!

Sunday, October 14, 2012 Family Picnic - Free to All!
After a fun evening at The House of Blues, what better way to spend the following day than at a casual picnic with friends old and new! Held in Garden Grove Park's 'Pavilion' area (immediately south of Atlantis park, remember?), this bring-your-own food and beverage party will be filled with laughs, music and fun! You might even see some people you missed seeing the night before!

Make it a Weekend of So Cal Fun!
Think about making this a fun, early Fall weekend for you and your family! The 30-year reunion, the picnic, perhaps book a hotel near Downtown Disney, go to Disneyland, Knott's, The Beach!...hmmm...the possibilities!

What Could Make This Reunion Any Better?
How About Lower Ticket Pricing!

Thanks to a very special House of Blues connection through one of our fellow RAHS 1982 classmates, this fantastic evening is available at a lower cost than our 20-year reunion ($69.00 vs $80.00). And doing a little peaking at other high school reunion ticket prices...well...let’s just say $69.00 is a bit less than...oh...$95.00...$115.00...$130.00.

Yes! It's True! You can attend the 30-Year Reunion
for only $69.00 per person!
But you have to order soon as ticket prices will go higher!

We are doing everything we can to create a great evening that any of our fellow Rancho classmates can afford to attend and enjoy. Don't miss out on this awesome deal to attend your 30-year Rancho 1982 reunion, for LESS than the 20-year!

Tell all the Rancho 1982 alumni you still connect with!
We Want EVERYONE to Join Us!

RSVP and purchase your tickets today and
Let’s Get It Started October 13, 2012!!!

RSVP and Order Your Tickets Today and Save!
- Only $69.00 per person through August 31, 2012! (the 20-year reunion was $80.00/person)
- $79.00 per person between September 1 and 30, 2012
- $89.00 per person between October 1 and 13, 2012

Remember, reunion ticket prices go higher starting September 1, 2012. Beat the higher price deadline!  We are planning a large turnout for this great event and seating will be limited. Help the planning committee and RSVP as early as possible.

VERY IMPORTANT: Even if you are not attending this reunion, please RSVP using the following instructions.

RSVP and Order Online NOW! It's easy, safe and secure through our online partner! Here's How:

To RSVP & Purchase Tickets Online:
1. Go to: www.reuniondb.com
2. Look for the "I am responding to a reunion invite" section (lower left) 
3. Click the yellow "find me" link
4. Find yourself by typing your name (maiden name for women) and our school name “Rancho Alamitos”
5. Click on your record and then follow the steps in RED.

To Purchase Tickets By Check:
Send your check via regular mail, including your full name (and maiden name if married) and your guest’s name (as 
applicable) to the following:

Make Check Payable To:
Rancho Alamitos HS 1982

Mail Check To:
Kari Williamson
7 Kennedy Ct.
Coto de Caza, CA  92679

Ticket sales will be available at the door BUT WHY WAIT! Order Now and SAVE!

Visit These Cool Sites! Share Your Story! Send messages!
Add your photos! Re-acquaint! 

Rancho's class of 1982 has some new, great online resources tailored specifically to them. Keep up with alumni happenings from the following sites. Contribute, share and make them special in your own way! Check them out here:

- You’re Already At The OFFICIAL Rancho Class of 1982 Web Site: http://www.rahs1982.com
- Visit Our Facebook Reunion Page: http://www.facebook.com/RanchoAlamitos1982?sk=info
EVERYONE’S Already on Our Classmates.com Page Here.

Assist Us in Making This the BEST Rancho Class of '82 Reunion EVER!

We need email or other contact information for several Rancho Class of '82 schoolmates and You May be Able to Help!

Follow the link below and review the list of classmates for whom we need email addresses. We REALLY want to make sure all our fellow classmates get the chance to attend our 30-year reunion and there's no better way to notify them than via email.

View Our ‘Missing Contact Info’ List Here:

If you have email addresses or any contact information for these classmates, please send it to info@rahs1982.com. 
And please look HERE for our privacy policy regarding ANY information we gather for our fellow classmates.

On Behalf of Your Entire Rancho Alamitos High School, Class of 1982 Reunion Committee, Thank You and...
Let’s Get It Started in OCTOBER!

Steven Smith
RAHS 1982 30-Year Reunion Committeehttp://www.reuniondb.com/http://www.rahs1982.com/http://www.facebook.com/RanchoAlamitos1982?sk=infohttp://www.classmates.com/places/class/Rancho-Alamitos-High-School/5673?communityType=1&year=1982https://reuniondb.com/reunion/ClassmateMissingEmailPage.aspx?ClientID=153mailto:info@rahs1982.comAbout.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0shapeimage_6_link_1shapeimage_6_link_2shapeimage_6_link_3shapeimage_6_link_4shapeimage_6_link_5shapeimage_6_link_6

Check Payment Notes:

  1. -For applicable ticket price discount to apply, check must be postmarked prior to either September 1, 2012 or October 1, 2012

  2. -Checks postmarked on or after October 1, 2012 or presented at-the-door, must include the $89.00 per person rate